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Spanish Language Immersion Program

The focus of our SPLASH program is to allow students an opportunity to become proficient in a target language while mastering content from all subjects. In our immersion program, language is not taught as a subject, it is the medium in which core instruction is delivered. Research supports the idea of integrating instruction into the standard curriculum students are already learning. Bethany Elementary offers SPLASH classes in all grades K-5 as well as English Language Arts instruction provided by a certified teacher and a Co-Lead teacher. We are very proud of the progress our SPLASH program has made over the past seven years and the academic success our students have achieved.


How does the admissions and application process work?

Parents of new kindergarten children will go through the standard kindergarten registration process at their school and complete the SPLASH! program application. Applications are available by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. Students will be accepted by the order in which applications are received.  If a student does not get into the program initially, he/she will be placed on the waiting list.  If applying for more than one child, please complete a separate application for each child. After the close of the enrollment period, schools will continue to accept applications. If there is not space available, the prospective student will be put on the waiting list.

2024-2025 SPLASH Spanish Immersion Applications!


Coming March 11th at 6pm

24-25 Kindergarten SPLASH Application - English

24-25 Kindergarten SPLASH Application - Spanish

24-25 First Grade SPLASH Application - English

24-25 First Grade SPLASH Application - Spanish

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