January 10, 2021 - AlertNow Message

"Good evening Bethany Families. This is Josh Eanes, Principal at Bethany Elementary School calling with a few announcements for the week.

Virtual learning will continue for all students this week. Please remember, during Virtual Learning, we take daily attendance, assign grades for completed work, and require daily participation. Work should be completed within 7 days of being assigned. Assignments submitted weeks late will not be accepted as it does not provide our teachers an opportunity to grade and provide accurate student feedback.

Wednesday will be a remote instruction day for all students.

Bethany Elementary School will continue serving free breakfast and lunch to any child up to age 18 through the end of this school year, regardless of their free and reduced meal status. Simply come to our school between 11:30am and 1:00pm each day to pick up your child’s free lunch and breakfast for the next day.

Beginning Thursday, January 21st, Rockingham County Schools will begin Plan A with students in grades prek-5th having the option to attend school, in-person, 5 days a week. Students also had the opportunity to remain 100% virtual learners for the rest of the school year. Thank you to all of our families for communicating with teachers this past week to indicate your child’s method of attending school.

Students planning to return for in-person learning on January 21st will need to complete a new attestation form prior to attending, affirming your commitment to following the health and safety precautions put in place by our school. Again, a new attestation form must be completed for each student planning to return for in-person instruction before January 21st. The attestation form can be found on our district website or our school website at bethanyelementary.org. Bethany Elementary has designated Wednesday, January 13th, from 8am-4pm, as a day we will host a drive-thru for parents to come to our campus to complete and submit the form from the ease of their car. Parents needing to complete the form after hours may do so by completing and placing a form in our designated drop-box at the front entrance of our school. Blank attestation forms will be located at the front entrance by our drob-box. Parents are allowed to come other weekdays between 8am-4pm to return the form but will need to walk up to our front entrance to do so.

Parents choosing the 100% virtual learning option must complete an MOU form affirming your commitment to following our virtual learning guidelines. If you previously submitted a remote learning MOU and choose to continue this option, you do not need to submit a new MOU form. Blank MOU forms are available on our school website and in the Bethany front office. MOU forms must be submitted to the Bethany front office by January 8th for students choosing the 100% virtual option.

Respectfully, as we prepare for Plan A and students return, please know that changes may be made to our daily schedule and we will be re-rostering in certain grade levels to accommodate virtual only classes. This could result in your child having a different teacher beginning January 21st. These changes will be necessary to help us all be successful once we return to school on January 21st. Any and all changes will be communicated to families this week.

Also this week, our school will provide back to school information for those returning. We will share health and safety precautions, daily procedures and arrival and dismissal plans. Bus information for those students needing AM and/or PM transportation will be communicated closer to our return.

Please enjoy the rest of your evening and we look forward to a great week of school."

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